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Protium® Generator - 3 PPM molecular H2 Water Bottle

Protium® Generator - 3 PPM molecular H2 Water Bottle

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I've been using Litewater for about a half year now. I'm going to keep using it. It's cheaper than going to the doctor continuously and getting no results. At 66 I'm feeling much healthier than my past 8 years. I've got better energy with much less aches and pains

David W.


Litewater is essential for me in healing and maintaining my body and for improving my immune system. I have seen my labs and overall energy improve significantly since using it. As a Heath Coach, I help others incorporate Litewater into their protocols and approach, especially when they are experiencing challenges with dehydration.

Meaghan O.


There is no doubt in my mind that this water works incredibly well. I highly recommend Litewater!

Gregory C.


I have been using Litewater for several months and have noticed an increase in overall energy and morning HRV values. I trust the science and research and will continue using Litewater for years to come.

Philip H.


I’m very happy with the fast results, after 1 week on Litewater I feel more energized and more focus. This has been the best biohack on my list of many. This Litewater is Legit!

Gary C.


After a few weeks on Litewater I feel there is an overall resilience to my energy level and a general sense of well-being taking hold. I am very pleased.

Barb G.


Everything has returned to normal, I credit Litewater as one of the various improvements to my diet that created the conditions for healing.

Christopher T.


I feel my health is returning. I’m so grateful. It’s the best. The company is great!

Lynn H.


In essence, my energy level now seems almost nonstop. Shortly after I began using Litewater my appetite decreased as my physical work endurance increased. I'm usually asleep within a minute or two after retiring and seldom need a trip to the bathroom during the night.

Jeff S.


I did a bunch of energetic testing and muscle testing on you product. The answers I received were that all the things I was reading about DDW were legitimate.

David G.


Ever since the birth of our two kids (3 years and 3 months) my wife has struggled with not having energy to do basic household tasks. We've noticed a significant boost in her energy level since she started drinking Litewater two months ago. I'm very eager to share my enthusiasm about this product and deuterium depleted water in general. A secret that unlocks health like this is too good to keep to ourselves!

Matthew D.


The company makes awesome products. I really like having the option to purchase in glass bottles. Customer service is great too. The partnership with Hydroshot is nice too since DDW is used to make it.

Michael S.


I have struggled with food intolerances for years and upon using Litewater, I was able to add more foods into my diet. I'm such a big fan of deuterium depletion!

Miranda H.

This rechargeable unit produces hydrogen gas bubbles that dissolve in water. One cycle runs for 3 minutes to achieve @ 1.2 ppm molecular H2 infusion. 

Ideally, fill to the top and run for 3 cycles (9 minutes) and get upto 3 ppm molecular hydrogen in your water.  One charge will last about 20 cycles.

This is the perfect water bottle for drinking your Litewater infused with H2.

Using the Protium Generator with Litewater will assure that the molecular hydrogen you are getting is deuterium depleted. 

Platinum coated titanium electrodes, DuPont membrane, double walled glass, 350 mL capacity.

1 Year Warranty

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