Our Mission

Litewater's mission is bold and honest, to provide the purest water in the world for all.

It was a challenge to define a gold standard for water purity in the past, but now we can evaluate water at the molecular level and beyond. Now, we are the gold standard in water purity.

What is produced as a result of our innovative distillation process is water identical to what hydrates the deepest layers of our cells, pure H20. Litewater isn't just a producer of the purest bottled drinking water that exists, it is a leader in using breakthroughs in science to improve people's lives.

Water is a primordial necessity for life on this planet, and we have a passion for assisting to protect and improve all creatures and ecosystems. Our company is proudly involved with important environmental efforts such as conservation and wildlife protection all over the world. You, the customer, should know that every sip you take of Litewater DDW (deuterium depleted water) improves your own health and vitality as well as that of our precious world.

We encourage everyone committed to their optimal health to follow a low-deuterium lifestyle and you will feel the difference. Increased energy (without stimulants or crashing), improved mental clarity, and raised performance are all possible with Litewater.

Nourish your body from the inside with the power of pure metabolic energy, today.

Victor Sagalovsky 
co-founder and CEO