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Deuterium Depleted Water

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By reducing your deuterium levels is a great way to support your journey towards optimal health and can be considered fundamental to an anti-aging and longevity lifestyle.


Litewater 10 ppm Deuterium Depleted Water - 8 Liters Total (4 Bottles)


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Litewater is the most Deuterium Depleted drinking water in the world!
This exclusive achievement allows it to be diluted with your regular drinking water.
The Litewater Dilution protocol shows you how to dilute volume of Litewater-10 DDW lowering the costs for your personal maintenance, therapeutic or anti-aging program.

122 ppm


119 ppm


115 ppm


110 ppm


103 ppm


94 ppm


80 ppm


57 ppm


25 ppm


dilute 1:1
Dilute 1:1

with regular water to get 80 ppm DDW.

dilute 2:1
Dilute 2:1

with 2 parts regular water to get 103 ppm DDW

dilute 3:1
Dilute 3:1

and get 115 ppm DDW.

dilute 4:1
Dilute 4:1

and get 122 ppm DDW.

2 cases is a typical one month supply per person

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