What is litewater?

Litewater is our brand of deuterium-depleted water (DDW). It is water which has a lower concentration of deuterium than occurs naturally. Daily consumption of Litewater eliminates deuterium interference. Litewater has a 94-97% lower concentration of deuterium than regular water. Litewater is the most deuterium depleted water in the world which makes it ideal to be dilute with regular water from 1 to 4 times to obtain between 80 ppm -122 ppm deuterium depleted water. More value, less carbon footprint.

See Litewater Dilution Chart.

Why is Litewater so expensive?
Removing deuterium, which cannot be done by any standard filtration, either distillation or reverse-osmosis is a complex energy intensive and time consuming process that must be done on an industrial scale. Our production is based on a method known as Low-Temperature Vacuum Rectification which imitates and amplifies the natural condensation, precipitation, and evaporation cycles of mother nature with better efficiency to remove up to 97% of the deuterium in water. The caveat is it takes specialized columns between upto sixty feet high to make it work, so a special facility was built. Only a few facilities exist in the world that produce deuterium depleted water on a commercial scale, in Russia, where it all started, Romania, Hungary, and a few Asian countries.

Where is Litewater produced?
Litewater is produced in our facility in a remote area of Russia called Tambov. Tambov oblast (state) is unique because the entire state is organic certified, a designated chemical and GMO-free green zone. Water is obtained from a natural artesian well, purified by membrane technology and then processed using the method described above to separate the deuterium and using our proprietary technology Litewater 5 & 10 ppm are created. It is analyzed and verified for purity then bottled at the source and shipped to North America and other global locations.

How is Litewater different than other brands of deuterium depleted water?
We offer the lowest available concentration of deuterium (most depleted) in the world. Litewater is in a category below 25 ppm which is often referred to as ‘super light’. We offer the lowest deuterium water in the world in plastic and glass.

How do I know Litewater is truly deuterium depleted to 5 & 10 ppm?
Every batch is tested before bottling and we guarantee accuracy to within ±3 ppm. We use the world’s most advanced stable isotope testing equipment known as fourth-generation cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) for unsurpassed precision and high accuracy. We test at both of our facilities in Russia and the U.S. and also verify our results with an independent 3rd party lab. Click here for a lab report.