Why Remove Deuterium?

Scientists, studying the cause of aging, discovered that even when a small amount of Deuterium containing Heavy Water is removed from normal water, the benefits are profound. Excess deuterium interferes in all biological process and is known to damage the mitochondria over time. Drinking deuterium depleted water allows you to reduce your total body burden of deuterium.

A few drops of heavy water in every glass of water we drink doesn't seem like much, but the cumulative effect is eye-opening, we have four times more deuterium in our blood than the most essential nutrients and minerals we require to live while deuterium slows down all reactions upto 9 times (9x)! This is known as the Kinetic Isotope Effect.

In 2007 it was published for the first time exactly how deuterium damages our ATP Synthase Nanomotors, recognized most beautiful nanomachine in nature, and the one responsible for producing ATP, (Adenosine-triphosphate) the molecule that produces the energy we need to live and breathe.