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Hydroactive™ H2 Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Hydroactive™ H2 Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

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How to Use
Benefits & Features

Hydroactive™ H2 Molecular Hydrogen Tablets by Litewater Labs are the perfect complement to drinking Litewater and the deuterium depleted lifestyle. They are the ideal choice for optimal ATP production, increased strength and energy, rapid hydration, faster recovery, and superior health. Two tablets per day in Litewater produce 8-12 PPM of Deuterium Depleted Molecular Hydrogen, equivalent to 400-600 trillion H2 molecules per serving.

Molecular Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in nature and serves as the most powerful antioxidant in the body, reducing the highly reactive hydroxyl free radical to water.*

DDW and Molecular H2 Supplementation are Two Huge Discoveries for Natural Sports & Performance Enhancement In The 21st Century.


Being Half the Size Of Oxygen, Molecular Hydrogen Is The Smallest Molecule In The Universe.


It Is Scientifically Proven To Be The Most Powerful Antioxidant In Nature.



How to Use

Dissolve one tablet in 11-20 ounces of cold or room temperature water. Drink immediately. Best consumed on an empty stomach. May repeat up to twice a day. Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. To be used as directed by your healthcare provider. Do not swallow the tablet directly.

Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: 1 Tablet
  • Servings per Container: 30
  • Each tablet contains 80 mg. of Elemental Magnesium
  • Other Ingredients: Malic acid, dextrose, tartaric acid, adipic acid, sodium stearyl fumarate.



Molecular Hydrogen is the master antioxidant that specifically targets the hydroxyl free radical and instantly converts it to water. Too many hydroxyl free radicals in our bodies cause oxidative stress and contribute to the symptoms of aging and dis-ease.


The proper management of free radicals allows every cell to function at its most optimal, translating to an increase in athletic performance, strong metabolism, endurance, and well-being. HydroActive™ H2 tablets are safe, non-toxic, and have no negative side effects. Many studies also point to their superior ability to support a healthy inflammatory response. HydroActive™ H2 Molecular Hydrogen Tablets instantly dissolve up to 12 PPM (parts-per-million), or @ 600 trillion molecules of H2 in an open container of water or other beverage.


What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Hydrogen, the first element, is the power source of life and the mother of water itself. Two atoms of hydrogen combine to form hydrogen gas, H2, the smallest and most bioavailable molecule in the universe. H2 goes where nothing else can, diffusing massive amounts of molecular hydrogen deep into your cells and mitochondria.

Why can’t we get H2 from H2O?

H2O has bound hydrogen whereas H2 gas is available molecular hydrogen ready to go to work inside your body.

What Does Molecular Hydrogen Do For You?

Billions of nano hydrogen bubbles result in hydrogen rich water infused with the most extraordinary antioxidant under the sun. 

200+ scientific articles published in reputable scientific and medical journals indicate that molecular hydrogen is a must have supplement for our optimal health and wellness. 

- H₂ protects DNA, RNA and proteins by converting the most harmful free radicals to water.

- H₂ activates an increase in the body’s own antioxidants such as glutathione and SOD.

- H₂ has beneficial impact on cell signaling, cell metabolism, and gene expression.

Molecular Hydrogen for Athletic Performance.

H2 penetrates into the innermost reaches of cellular tissue promoting energy and mitochondrial production of ATP.

Molecular Hydrogen promotes rapid recovery, decreased lactic acid production and increased endurance.

Why should I drink it all as soon as the tablet dissolves?

H2 will escape into any air space inside or outside your bottle. By drinking the hydrogen-rich water immediately upon dissolving, you get the benefits of the H2 inside your body instead of letting it escape into the atmosphere.

How many HydroActive™ H2 H2O tabs should I use daily?

Limited evidence exists to suggest the best dosing protocols of molecular hydrogen, however experience indicates a minimum of 1-2 tablets HydroActive™ H2 tabs per day. Very active people may use up to 6 tabs per day. Many find greatest effect by consuming 3-4 bottles of hydrogen-rich water per day for a few weeks, and either reduce tor increase after.

Are there any contraindications from ingesting HydroActive™ H2 H2O?

There is no risk of toxicity from the magnesium being ingested. Hydrogen gas does not cause toxicity at levels significantly higher than what the tablet produces. Hydrogen doesn’t build up in the body. Any excess is simply exhaled.


Can you overdose on HydroActive™ H2 H2O?

No. In fact some studies indicate more is actually better. Any excess hydrogen simply escapes as a gas.

Can I get the same benefit from food grade hydrogen peroxide?

Food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2] has no similarity to dissolved molecular hydrogen [H2]. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer and is used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant. Molecular hydrogen [H2] is a reducing agent/anti-oxidant.


Does HydroActive™ H2 H2O have external uses?

Agricultural chemicals can be rapidly removed from food by soaking in H2 rich water. Foods cook faster with H2 water because of the penetrating power of H2. Benefits can be derived from bathing with H2 water.

Are HydroActive™ H2 Tablets explosive or combustible?

No. Just don’t get water inside your bottle of H2 tablets. It will heat up.

Why are HydroActive™ H2 tabs a more effective way to produce hydrogen-rich drinking water than alkaline ionized water, hydrogen sticks, or other water soluble or ingestible tablets?

HydroActive™ tabs are capable of producing enough H2 to saturate half a liter of water with 12 PPM* (parts per million) of Molecular Hydrogen. This far exceeds what any other method can achieve. Our Protium® H2 Water Bottle produces 1-3 PPM of H2. This is the alternative for those that prefer clean hydrogen rich water without the added taste of magnesium.  

The only better way to get hydrogen is to inhale it. For that we sell the Protium Generator which produces 2L per minute of H2 gas. 

*Maximum concentrations under ideal creation methods.

Will H2 make my water taste different?

It will taste smooth and light and slightly different the first time you try it.

Tablet Ingredients:

Proprietary Hydrogen Matrix [DL Malic Acid, Dextrose, Tartaric Acid, Stearic Acid, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate]

HydroActive™ H2 Tabs – Instructions for Use:

Use one tablet per (335-600ml/11-20 oz glass or bottle).

Fill a glass with water or other beverage. Colder water holds the most H2 molecules.

Wait until tablet dissolves, then drink.  Drink H2 infused water all at once.

Storage & Precautions.

Store in a cool, dry place.  Do not swallow tablet. Keep out of children’s reach.

Avoid direct contact of tablet or tablet residue with eyes (flush with water if necessary).

Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their health practitioner before using.

Informative Video about Molecular Hydrogen

Tyler LeBaron: Presents at AMMG Medical Conference Nov. 2015 Molecular hydrogen and mitigation of exposure to radiation see 38:24 of this video.

Research References:

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
How to Use
Benefits & Features

I've been using Litewater for about a half year now. I'm going to keep using it. It's cheaper than going to the doctor continuously and getting no results. At 66 I'm feeling much healthier than my past 8 years. I've got better energy with much less aches and pains

David W.

Litewater is essential for me in healing and maintaining my body and for improving my immune system. I have seen my labs and overall energy improve significantly since using it. As a Heath Coach, I help others incorporate Litewater into their protocols and approach, especially when they are experiencing challenges with dehydration.

Meaghan O.

There is no doubt in my mind that this water works incredibly well. I highly recommend Litewater!

Gregory C.

I have been using Litewater for several months and have noticed an increase in overall energy and morning HRV values. I trust the science and research and will continue using Litewater for years to come.

Philip H.

I’m very happy with the fast results, after 1 week on Litewater I feel more energized and more focus. This has been the best biohack on my list of many. This Litewater is Legit!

Gary C.

After a few weeks on Litewater I feel there is an overall resilience to my energy level and a general sense of well-being taking hold. I am very pleased.

Barb G.

Everything has returned to normal, I credit Litewater as one of the various improvements to my diet that created the conditions for healing.

Christopher T.

I feel my health is returning. I’m so grateful. It’s the best. The company is great!

Lynn H.